UFP are partnered with FusionPlus

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UFP’s partnership with FusionPlus aims to help boost your sales.

We understand how important enriched product data is to help boost sales and online conversions. That is why we are working in partnership with FusionPlus to provide the most extensive EOS product catalogue in the UK. This will allow dealers to broaden their product portfolio, fill product gaps and cater for more specialist products.

How FusionPlus can help you:

  • Over 10,000 original EOS products.
  • SEO friendly product descriptions.
  • Product features and attributes.
  • Standardised product images.
  • Product manuals & compatibility.
  • Boost sales & online conversions.

For more information, get in touch our your UFP Account Manager: 01274 651800

Alternatively, visit our contact us page where you can request a callback from us.

Click here to learn more about FusionPlus.