Social & Ethical Policy

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Our commitment to our employees is central to our success and future development and as such we have put into place a number of policies and practices designed to provide our employees with a flexible, rewarding and enriching working environment. We offer all our employees training and development to help them to widen their skills and experiences, which will ultimately allow them to progress and direct their careers.

We advertise all vacancies internally and encourage staff to try a different role if they feel the need for a new challenge or are not satisfied with their current role for whatever reason. In addition, we offer flexible hours for parents with children and take a compassionate line on all individual personal circumstances and try our best to accommodate the needs of all our employees.

Our equal opportunity policy ensures that we do not discriminate against any employee, applicant, supplier or customer on the basis of race, sexuality, gender, religion or disability. We also have strict disciplinary procedures in place for any employee that fails to uphold these core company values.


Our commitment to our customers is one based on ethical business practices where we believe in building long-term relationships based on honesty, transparency and providing the highest levels of service leading to mutually beneficial working relationships. We make every effort to treat our customers openly and fairly, for example: All corporate literature and quotations are written in plain English, telling the truth without hiding anything in the “small print”.

We are working toward our ISO9001 which will ensure quality standards in our customer communications. We are honest about our products and services and provide customers with honest cost-saving advice and product information. We do not use pressure selling techniques or take advantage of vulnerable customers such as the elderly.

If something does go wrong, we make every effort to acknowledge the problem and deal with it in the most effective and timely manner. We also ensure we listen to our customers so that we can improve the products and services we offer them.


We make every effort to ensure our suppliers adhere to ethical, social and environmental practices that meet our own. We choose our suppliers carefully based on reputation and product quality and over 90% of our suppliers are UK based which means reduced energy wastage in overseas shipments and support for UK businesses.

We also treat our suppliers fairly, particularly smaller businesses that rely on us. For example, we endeavour to pay all our suppliers on time and make sure not to abuse our position by taking advantage of a business that is relying on us to deal with them in an honest and fair way.

Local Community

Having its roots in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UFP has established excellent relationships with the local authority and local recruiter, indeed 85% of our employees are from Bradford with the other 15% coming from surrounding areas. We also have a long history of supporting international, national and local charities through our promotional sales activities especially charities such as Red Nose Day and Disasters Emergency Committee, not to mention donations to our local hospitals and sponsorship of a local sports club for children.


Our commitment to our environment is one that we take seriously and we are continually looking at ways in which we can reduce our impact on our surroundings and environment. Our environmental policy is designed to reduce the environmental impact of our business by concentrating on packaging, energy, transportation, product materials, disposal and recycling.