PrintMate for XEROX

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About PrintMate

As the name suggests, PrintMate is your friend when it comes to saving money and saving the planet.  We believe we can achieve these goals without having to sacrifice product quality or service.  According to several studies and press reports, branded printer inks are now the world’s most expensive liquid, surpassing petrol, perfume and even Champagne. What’s more, each year over 900 million plastic cartridges end up dumped in landfills around the world.

So ask yourself the following questions:

• Want to play your part in saving our planet?
• Want to make massive savings in your printing costs?
• Don’t want to sacrifice print quality or performance?
• Want the peace of mind of a comprehensive warranty?
• Want an easy solution to recycling your printer inks or toners?

If you answered yes to these questions then you’re at the right place because PrintMate is your friendly compatible brand that delivers on quality, performance, savings, product range and service.  In fact, all our PrintMate cartridges come with over 40 years of experience and are designed, produced, inspected and tested in USA/Europe to meet stringent ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we have put together a 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes a comprehensive two year warranty on all toner products.  With PrintMate, you also get great value and performance. All our print yields will match or exceed the OEM standards, which means you get the same if not more page prints compared to the original.

PrintMate offers a comprehensive range of premium compatible print supplies for all the leading printer brands including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Kyocera, Lexmark and Xerox.

PrintMate for XEROX

PrintMate premium compatible supplies are now available at UFP for the most popular XEROX toners including:

101R00474, 101R00555, 106R01271, 106R01272, 106R01273, 106R01274, 106R01371, 106R01374, 106R01436, 106R01437, 106R01438, 106R01439, 106R01486, 106R01507, 106R01508, 106R01509, 106R01533, 106R01535, 106R01627, 106R01628, 106R01629, 106R01630, 106R02229, 106R02230, 106R02231, 106R02232, 106R02305, 106R02307, 106R02311, 106R02313, 106R02731, 106R02775, 106R02777, 106R03480, 106R03516, 106R03517, 106R03518, 106R03519, 106R03528, 106R03529, 106R03530, 106R03531, 106R03620, 106R03622, 106R03624, 106R03690, 106R03691, 106R03692, 108R00795, 113R00723, 113R00724, 113R00725, 113R00726

If you would like more information about our PrintMate range, get in touch with your UFP Account Manager: 01274 651800. Alternatively, visit our contact us page where you can request a call back.