Environmental Policy

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Reducing the environmental impact of our business
  • UFP has successfully achieved the ISO014001 Environmental Accreditation. UFP is committed to legal compliance, continued improvement and the prevention of pollution in relation to its activities, which effect the environment.
  • The company has identified specific aspects in relation to the impact of our activities on the environment – packaging and products.
  • Packaging complies with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packing Waste) Regulations 1997. We use environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging in the course of our business.
  • All corrugated products which we buy contain the following amounts of recycled material – 86% recycled material 14% virgin paper.
  • Our supplier is a member of CPI and meets all Environmental Agency regulations regarding paper and packaging waste; all of this is re-pulped and used in the production of paper tubes.
  • The void packaging which we use is 100% biodegradable.
  • The company endeavours to co-operate with the OEM supplier schemes, and programmes aimed at improving environmental aspects of their products and we promote such practices to our customers.
  • We also encourage the use of high quality environmentally friendly products, offering a wide range of recycled toner and ink cartridges, low chlorine paper products and cleaning aerosols which are CFC free.
  • UFP send out all single toner orders without the cardboard box to reduce the amount of cardboard and plastic waste in the UK market.