Choose Genuine Lexmark supplies for quality results

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Reliable, Professional, Sustainable

Genuine Lexmark Supplies perform Best Together with Lexmark printers. This gives your customer the advantage of consistent, reliable printing and professional quality results.

Their advanced ink & toner formulas deliver the vibrant colours, deep blacks and smooth greys your customers need. Not only that, they capture the finest details and produce crisp, professional documents that are sure to impress.

Lexmark’s patented print system components work Best Together to deliver long-term reliability, ultimately saving time, money and the environment. For maximum sustainability, your customers can participate in the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme (LCCP), the industry-leading cartridge recycling programme.

Lexmark LCCP

Being responsible doesn’t have to be difficult or compromise business performance. LCCP combines high-performance logistics and service with innovative tools to offer you a collection, recycling and reuse process that’s modern, efficient and ideally adapted to your consumption volumes.

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