Canon ink is better by design

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Genuine Canon Inks are meticulously designed to work seamlessly with Canon products, ensuring un-compromised results. Tested rigorously and developed using precise specifications, your customers can be confident that your Canon devices will deliver high-quality results, time and time again.

Print More

Genuine Canon Ink produces on average 35% more high quality prints than imitation cartridges.¹ Your customers won’t have to replace their ink cartridges as often and can enjoy excellent value for money.

More reliable prints

Genuine Canon Ink is 100% reliable so your customers can print with less stress.¹ Your ink cartridges won’t break, leak or fail and will ensure their printer is protected from internal damage.

More consistent prints

Genuine Canon Ink provides consistent quality prints 100% of the time.¹ Your customer’s prints will be crystal clear with deep colours and no strange lines or streaks every time they print.

Easy to recycle

As part of Canon’s ongoing environmental efforts, Canon has made it even easier to recycle used inks and toners. The Canon Cartridge Recycling Programme provides your customers with a free, easy and environmentally responsible way to recycle their empty Canon cartridges. Canon is committed to a no waste to landfill policy. Each element of every returned toner cartridge is reused or recycled – be it as a component in a new toner cartridge, as a base material in other industries, or as a substitute for fossil fuels. No part of the toner cartridge is sent to landfill.

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¹Based on a 2018 Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab study commissioned by Canon comparing Canon cartridges with a set of third party cartridges.