Brother Supplies deliver a low TCO

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Genuine Brother Supplies deliver a lower total cost of ownership and protect you from the false economy of non-genuine alternatives.

With their low upfront price, non-genuine supplies might seem like a great way to save money on printing. But in reality, they are the ultimate false economy, creating long-term costs thanks to their unreliability and poor performance.

Brother’s Genuine Supplies offer a much lower total cost of ownership. The high yield, super high yield and ultra-high yield options, printing as many as 20,000 pages, last much longer and need replacing less often. Over the life of a printer, that means more documents and less expenditure.

Brother printers

This has been proven in independent testing, where Brother Genuine Supplies produced 57% more output on average

The wide variation in yields for non-genuine supplies not only makes it hard to predict when replacements will be needed, it also makes it more difficult to establish the overall cost of ownership of a machine. The same problem is present with drum yields, with 70% of printers using non-genuine supplies needing a costly early drum change.¹ Brother Genuine Supplies, in comparison, delivered 100% of the stated drum yield.¹ So not only is the total cost of ownership lower with Brother, it is more predictable too.

Many non-genuine supplies are also prone to leakage, which can cause lasting damage to printer parts. In the worst cases, this could even see you having to fork out for a whole new printer, pushing up long-term costs even higher.

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¹Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) Brother Genuine Toner Cartridges for the HL0L6300DW vs. Ten Compatible brands report March 2018.