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XPPen State-of-the-art digital tablets and display Products from UFP

Graphic Tablets and Digital art tablets

Founded in 2005 XPPen is a professional, reliable, affordable, and well-known manufacturer of creative digital devices such as pen tablets, pen displays, and digital stylus pens. Leave behind the limitations of traditional drawing tools! XP-PEN tablets give their users total freedom and flexibility in their creative endeavours.

The XP-Pen range is ideal for a variety of uses such as 3D modeling, animation, illustration, art, image & video editing, and graphic design, where these products can power creativity and innovation in design! The XP-PEN product range also offers support to educators and students, helping maximise the learning experience. In business, XP-PEN products can improve efficiency and communication.


XP-PEN displays and tablets can be used in a variety of industries, such as:

Pen Tablet or Pen Display?


Stylus Technology

All of XP-PEN’s products conform to the European ROHS. XP-PEN Battery-free styluses are designed to minimize toxic waste and pollution from discarded batteries.
XP-Pen tablets and display products deliver pen and paper writing in a digital form, helping users to contribute towards a greener planet.


Software | Versatility and compatibility

XP-PEN displays and tablets are compatible with a variety of software for design, animation, video/photo editing, online education, and business use.

Free software by XPPen